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It all started when our daughter needed a nightlight for her room....being afraid of the dark as children, we knew that nightlights were a great solution until my wife upped the ante and suggested a fish tank with little Dori's and Nemo's to help our little one ease back into a relaxing and calm state.  Little did we know that this was a gargantuan effort and a heavily committed hobby.  Like everyone else in the hobby, we learned by trial and error and after hours, blog forums, and money invested we are your local experts on all things fish, coral, maintenance, supplies, and a shoulder to cry on over those tank stories (believe me, we've all been there!)  Unlike most retailers and pet stores, we quarantine ALL live stock, for the safety and well being of your tank.  We pride ourselves on making sure our clients have healthy, clean aquariums and trust we can answer their questions and concerns.  We offer flexible service and maintenance times, aquascaping, and will help locate the livestock of your choice.  

After spending close to 15 years in the auto industry, I have come to understand what makes a customer experience such a paramount quality in doing business.  I carry those skills over here to our home based shop, where I can enjoy the leisure of our reef cafe and our customer relationships.  This reef cafe is intended to bring reef hobbyists together as a fun place to pop in and say hi and catch up on all things reef.  

From our tanks to yours, we welcome you to our shop and hope to see you soon!

Just Keep Swimming,

Dan & Jeni Perdue

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