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Saltwater Fish Quarantine Services

We QUARANTINE & MEDICATE our livestock (fish, corals, inverts) unless otherwise noted. We strongly believe that it is in the best interest of your fish as well as you as their caretaker that certain steps be taken prior to establishing your saltwater aquariums population. Everything here is "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG).


We acclimate incoming fish in fresh saltwater or saltwater taken from our Main Display tank. Once these fish are acclimated to their new surroundings and eating a varied diet of New Life Spectrum Pellets, Zoo Med Flakes and Frozen Mysis/Brine Shrimp they begin a 1 week period of slowly ramping up to a therapeutic concentration of Copper Power or Cupramine. Once reached, the concentration is closely monitored and maintained for a 2-4 week treatment period. It's during this time that we may also treat for other internal and external parasites and maladies using API General Cure/Metroplex (if necessary) along with PraziPro. Once treatment is completed, fish are transferred to a "clean" environment (if available) for further observation to ensure success and then readied for transport.

Coral and other inverts:

All coral and inverts are held in a Fish-Free system for a minimum of 76 days and are closely monitored during this time to ensure they are major pest free before they are transferred to our Display Tank or Frag Tank for further grow out.

Aquarium Maintenance

We service freshwater and saltwater aquariums, specialize in automation and strive to offer our services at affordable prices.

We are currently accepting new VIP clients for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium services.

We take the time to treat your aquarium as if it were one of our own.

We provide the following services during a typical service visit:

Vacuum your sand or gravel bed, clean glass/acrylic of algae, top-off freshwater for Saltwater systems, test your water (upon request), reprogramming of lights and controllers, top-off auto feeders, replenish your exhaustible supplies/food, change out filter media/socks/fleece, dosing of elements, calibration/programming of your LEDs (if needed), preventative maintenance of pumps/skimmers.

Please use us as your aquarium consultants! =) 

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