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Sometimes 8 feet is just not enough, and if you are like me, mounting that Vortech driver and being limited to where you can put it can be a huge disappointment. The other option being you have the perfect spot to place your driver but now you are limited to where you can mount your pump. Again, 8 feet, sometimes, is just not enough.

Made for reefers, by a reefer. This gave me the added flow my 6' peninsula tank needed.

Plug & Play, installs in just a few minutes time as it mounts inline with your stock driver and dryside pump cable. A small Philips Head screwdriver is all that is needed.


Be sure to unplug the mains power from the driver before proceeding,
Gently pinch and remove the control dial from the face of the Vortech driver unit,
Remove three screws from the backside of the driver case,
Remove the rear casing,
Unplug the larger beige connector for the stock cable,
Plug the extension cable inline of the driver header connection and stock cable,
Reassemble the driver housing and correctly orient and push the control dial back on,

Highlights of this cable:

Starting at lengths of 4 feet; also available in 6', 8', 10', 12'
6.8mm outside diameter cable offers similar flexibility to the stock cable
Shielded 10 conductor, 22AWG wire crimped to compatible plug ends for a professional appearance

For use on MP60 QuietDrive (QD) or MP10/40/60 EcoSmart (ES) (driver) models.

Is also compatible for use with MP10/40QD models.

Vortech Pump or Driver unit not included

Extension for Ecotech Marine Vortech MP60QD MP10/40/60ES pumps

PriceFrom $30.50